Recruitment type


  • Skills and Qualifications

    No requirement
    Welcome inexperienced person! There are many inexperienced person.
    The staffs will be in training about reading drawings and CAD software operation.

  • Job Description

    What is CAD?
    CAD is software used to design products such as electronic circuit boards in computers.
    Is AutoCAD tough to learn and use?
    No, CAD is easy to use! 

    We do deployment by using CAD.
    What does deployment mean? 
    Do you remember that when you were in elementary school you tried to roll the dice in the shape of a cross in math classes or to make it a snake-like shape? 
    That is exactly what it means "deployment". 
    Oh, I have done it. 
    But I do not remember now. 

    Please do not worry! 
    The Support system helps you learn about "develoyment", is the best system in Japan.
    It doesn't matter if you have experience
    Your motivation is important! 

    Would you like to join with us to contribute to the development in the future?

Machining @ MTEC Co., Ltd.

  • Skills and qualifications

    Favorable experience.

  • Job description

    Milling, lathe, machining processing.

Welding work (Tig/ Semi-automatic)

  • Skills and Qualifications

    Experienced people are favored. nexperienced persons (Under 35 years old) are also welcome.

  • Job Description

    We handle various materials such as iron, stainless steel and aluminum.There are a variety of shapes and sizes to be manufactured by welding to suit applications.

General work in the factory

  • Skills and qualifications

    No requirement
    Welcome inexperienced person! There are many inexperienced person

  • Job Description

    The machine operator position that do cut the steel plate using a laser machine is widely recruited for those who are involved in processing such as finishing or bending the steel plate.

Company Information Details

  • Work location

    Moriyama City, Shiga Prefecture

  • Employment status

    Full-time or contract employee

  • Salary

    It depends on our company rule. Preferential treatment based on experience and skills.

  • Salary Increase

    Annual Salary Increase

  • Bonus

    Twice a year (Summer / Winter)

  • Working hours


  • Holiday vacation

    Sunday, Public holidays, Alternate Saturdays

  • Welfare

    Various of Social insurances.

Application method

Please contact HR Department of Sakae Kogyo on phone number. 

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