About us


We are the manufacturing company, that are constantly looking for new ways to the aspects of identifying the customers' needs and wants.

  • Our business

    We are the Comprehensive processing company in the manufacture of large and small precision sheet metal and machined can products.

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  • ISO

    We suppy our product regarding the International standards of ISO 9001 certification.
    We acquired ISO14001 certification and commitment to make our manufacturing operations more eco-friendly.

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  • Delivery date

    The most recurring materials are various materials and thickness such as stainless steel, iron, aluminum.
    We deliver products quickly that can only be achieved with stocking materials + general processing companies.

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  • Quality

    We have built reputation on a commitment to providing quality products and services while rapidly responding to the customer needs by quality controlling technology in processing of making items as small as the precision sheet metal of rice grain size or as large as can manufacturing.

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  • System Operation

    We provide new products and services based on customer needs and new technology as “always-connected” customers.

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Contact Us

Business hours
Alternate Saturdays
8:30 to 17:15