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These equipments are one of our feature with consistent and comprehensive processing.
We do our business and improve efficiently through the elimination of waste, and only use the necessary material.

  • Installation and Operation

    As the Comprehensive processing company, we supply products and service to respond to all customer requirements quickly and accurately.

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  • Maintenance

    We ensure customers get a quick response on maintenance such as the sudden problems of products and delayed delivery.

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  • Data management

    By managing large quantities of information, we can respond with tehe urgent requirements and improve our products and customer services.

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  • Main equipment

    NV5000a1A / 40
    MCV-AII 20 x 40S
    Machine Name Manufacturer Model Function Units
    Automatic program system AMADA AP60   3
    Automatic program system AMADA AP100   5
    Automatic program system AMADA BEND CAM   1
    Database server AMADA ASIS 100 PCL   1
    NCT turret punch press AMADA EMZ3612MII SS2.3t/SUS2.0t 1
    Laser processing machine AMADA FO3015 NT Ver.2 SS25.0t/SUS10.0 1
        LST3015FO 3070 × 1550  
    Laser processing machine AMADA FLC3015AJ(4kw) SS22.0t/SUS10.0t 1
        ASFH3015F1 3050x1525  
    Laser processing machine AMADA FLC3015AJ(6kw) SS22.0t/SUS10.0t 1
        ASFH3015F1 3050x1525  
    NC Tapper AMADA CTS900NT M2 to M6 1200×2700 1
    Shirring AMADA M2560 SS6.0t/SUS3.0t 1
    Shirring AMADA M1245 SS4.5t/SUS3.0t 1
    Set press AMADA SP30SS304 IV 30t 1
    Corner shear AMADA CSW250 SS4.5t/SUS3.0t 1
    Corner shear Takeda machine   SS3.2t 1
    Deburring machine AMADA IBT-610 II 6.0tx600mm x ∞ 1
    Deburring machine Fladder Fladder AUT 1000mm x ∞ 1
    Press brake AMADA RG25 25tx1200mm 1
    Press brake AMADA RG50 50t x 2000mm 1
    Press brake AMADA HDS1703NT 170t x 3220mm 2
    Press brake AMADA HG8025NT 80t x 2500mm 1
    Role vendor SUMITANI SR55EII t3.2 x 500mm 1
    Role vendor SUMITANI SRM-33 t1.6 x 300mm 1
    Hand torch type Laserx OPTICEL.FH-300 SUS to 2.5t 1
    Fiber laser welding machine     SPC to 1.6t  
    TIG welding machine Daihen DA300P/DT300P 300A 10
    Semi-automatic welding machine Daihen CO2/MAG 350A 8
    Semi-automatic welding machine Daihen M350L 350A 5
    NC stud welding machine AMADA GUNMAN 1000 II M8 bolt/φ 8 boss 1
    Table spot welder Koyo Giken NK-03HV100-15-WKG-EZ SS3.2t+SS3.2t 1
          Aluminum 2.0t+2.0t  
    Spot welder Nastoa SLP-50A5 SS4.5t+SS4.5t 1
    Barrel polishing machine Tipton CL-50   1
    Barrel polishing machine Tipton EFF105R   1
    Mold grinding machine AMADA TOGUI II   1
    Hairline sander Kensoh MULTISANDER M2   1
    Drilling machine Kira     4
    Drilling machine HITACHI     5
    Tapper Kira     7
    MIG welding machine Daihen DP350 350A 1
    Sawing machine AMADA HA250   1
    Metal saw Kohsoku     2
    Upright drilling machine Yoshida Iron Works     1
    Portal machining center Okuma MCV-AII 20x40S 3800x1500x1100 1
    Horizontal machining center Toshiba Machine BTB-200 QF 1500×1200×1200 1
    Vertical machining center Mori Seiki NV5000a1A/40 1100x600 2
    General purpose lathe Takizawa   300φ 1
    General purpose lathe Wasino   200φ 1
    NC milling machine Makino AEV4A-85 X850xY500xZ400 1
    Vertical milling machine Makino   X800xY350xZ400 1
    Vertical milling machine Yamasaki Giken   X800xY350xZ600 1
    Contour machine Nicotec     1
    Sales order management AMADA Order shipping module + M   8

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